GPS Tracking System for Transporting Precious Cargo

The transportation business is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. You not only need to supervise all vehicles in the fleet, but you also need to be aware of their current status. Resorting to guesswork is not reliable. Knowing the exact location of each and every vehicle is critical especially when precious cargo such as expensive artwork is being transported.

A GPS fleet tracking system can be used to address these concerns. It can reduce operational costs as well as improve the productivity of your business.  Here are some advantages of this technology:

  1.  Reduce expenditures – Poor routing leads to wasted fuel and late arrival times. Investing in a GPS tracking system or a great fleet management system allows you to set up the quickest routes possible, thus reducing fuel consumption and overtime costs.
  2. Save Time – In the transportation business, time is of the essence. Traffic jams could be easily avoided with a proper fleet management. Your managers will be able to guide drivers to evade busy streets real-time.
  3. Reduce Downtime – Productivity and profitability of a company can be maximized if downtime is reduced, especially in the transportation business. Utilizing a system to observe vehicle GPS tracking in real time reduces the downtime of your vehicles since it allows you to make informed decisions and schedule trips efficiently.   By identifying risk factors and prioritizing them for repair, the risk of an on-the-road breakdown that interrupts your shipments can be minimized.
  4. Resource Optimization – A GPS tracker allows you to monitor each vehicle’s resources real time, allowing you to utilize them effectively and efficiently.
  5. Reduce Insurance Costs- Special discounts are provided for vehicles installed with GPS tracking systems. Insurance companies offer a reduced premium thus, allowing you to save on this expense.
  6. Maximize Vehicle Utilization- With a GPS tracking system vehicles can be remotely monitored for hours of service, diagnostics and tracking fuel efficiency. This allows the fleet manager to determine if the vehicles are being operated in a safe and efficient manner, as well as provide a valuable tool for evaluating driver performance.
  7. Provide Quality Customer Service- Happy customers are loyal customers. A GPS tracking device can help maintain the business reputation among customers especially when the safety of their assets in transit are ensured.
  8. Be More Predictable – With a GPS tracking system, you can accurately update clients on the real-time tracking info, expected arrival time and any possible delays.
  9. Supervise staff and drivers effectively- The GPS fleet system allows managers to monitor the drivers’ actions, track driver behaviors and spot bad driving habits through the data gathered, thus obligatory actions can be taken when required.
  10. Financial Management Optimization- The GPS fleet system provides data that help you run a highly efficient fleet that generates generous profits and prevent massive operational losses.

GPSTrackIt, a leader in GPS fleet tracking system, offers a range of solutions for business of all sizes, and is among a wide variety of different fleet management systems out there. If you think this is right for your business, start researching and there is no doubt you will find the perfect fit for your company.