Which one’s preferred more? Coloured or colourless lenses?

We are past the eras of changing hair colours to look attractive. The coloured lens is the new fashion trend nowadays. This hype leads to the question ‘should we go for the coloured or colourless lens? There is no significant difference in the coloured or colourless lens. The only distinguishing fact is that the coloured lens is a regular contact lens with colours. Colour comes from biologically compatible dying. Coloured lens caters to therapeutic as well as cosmetic purposes.

However, the consumers of coloured lens complain about slight discomfort at times. This is because of the coloured lens is slightly thicker than the colourless ones. Convenience in inserting and removing of the thicker lens is an advantage.

From health perceptive, it is always advisable that you take the opinion of an ophthalmologist before going for the lens. Both coloured and colourless contact lens should be bought only as per prescription. In nations like the US, the lens is treated just like drugs. No lens whether coloured or colourless can be bought without prescription of a qualified specialist. Since the lens is in prescription strength, it is best to get a checkup on at least annual basis. The type and range of lens might alter with age.

Even though you have perfect vision, don’t buy a lens without visiting a doctor. Often doctors and optometrists give trail pairs before actual purchase ensuring the level of comfort.  The coloured lens is available from power zero onwards with a range of +6 to -8. This wide range offers a lens to ones with excellent vision also.

Also, both variants of the contact lens should be purchased from branded stores. Cheaper ones from local beauty shops or online retailers may cause eye infections. Buying from branded retailers ascertain that lens is evaluated and fitted by eye care professionals. Eyes are precious. Individuals already using the colourless lens or having astigmatism could go for coloured lens too. Lens for particular conditions including astigmatism is a bit highly-priced.

The lens should be discarded as the time duration mentioned over the label. Extended use of lens may cause short term or long-term causes, even blindness.

Dark fantasy

One of the major demerits of the coloured lens has higher risk exposure to eye infections and swellings. They are not as forgiving biologically as the colourless ones due to the low rate of allowing oxygen through lenses. Silicone hydrogel is the safest material for lenses as this material is more breathable. Due to constraints in dying the material, so far there are no coloured lenses available in a silicone hydrogel material.

The decorative coloured lens with themes like Halloween, vampires etc.are a big NO-NO. They can prove quite harmful and cause long term damages. Almost of all of these fancy sets of coloured lenses lack certifications and mandatory approvals. Don’t look at them as over the counter merchandise or beauty products. these are not mere paranoid precautions. Various cases of damage have been reported over the years. Sometimes the damage caused can be irreversible or requires to be rectified by the surgeries.

Both the coloured and coloured lens need special care routines like not leaving them on overnight or for more than a stretch of 8 hours, not wearing while swimming, storing in the case etc. Either one is equivalently good as long as you take proper care. If you are just looking for a coloured lens for novelty, coloured lenses are a better alternative than undergoing complex colour changing surgeries for the beautification of eye colour.