Interior design

Creating that Artistic Finish to your Home

When there’s a living room furniture that’s the center of attraction, you can create an appealing style of any home design. Sometimes, replacing an old cushion and throw pillows might be all that’s needed to make your giant sofa look new. When you find versatile pieces of furniture arrangement, buy them because they must-haves that can pass for unique design ideas. Adding in new and improved furniture can really change the entire vibe of a house and make you feel like you’ve moved into a new and improved home. All this requires is a bit of investment and a lot of creative thoughts. 

Kitchen Cabinets for Teapots and Mugs

Chinawares are available in different shapes and sizes, but tea cups and pots are dining accessories for every home. The ideal piece of furniture that can keep your teapots and cups safe is a kitchen cabinet. You don’t want particles of dust to compromise the quality of your clay teapots or the aroma and taste of your warm beverage. So, the kitchen cabinet is a must-have for your home. Moreover, having a terrazzo tile finish can add that simplistic yet elegant finish to our kitchen layout and a perfect platform for your kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen design

Buy Closet Organizers

Your closet organizer is a private storage space for fashion accessories. Shelves and drawers are components of closet organizers. They might take large spaces in the bedroom, but their functionality helps to organize the stacking of your belongings. Ask your carpenter to make a special vertical or horizontal closet organizer that maximizes storage space. While you keep your bags and books on the shelves, the drawers can accommodate other fashion accessories such as your shoes, hats, and belts. An organized house makes one feel a lot more in control and provides ease to find anything and everything. 

Armchairs for Close Conversations

Unlike bulky armchairs, small armchairs conserve space for other decor arrangements. Using small armchairs to design your home might be cozy, but they also create an ambiance for a perfect conversation with visitors. While planning to make your living room compact, the only drawback with using small armchairs is the visibility of extra floor space. However, you’ll need to fill the space with extra seating options like a sofa, shelf or a console table. A recliner is something that has been in the trend off late and a man’s best friend for matches and other recreational views. Consider one for your empty space for a more cozier impact after your busy scheduled day. 


Buy a Coffee Table

You might like to drink tea if coffee isn’t your favorite beverage. However, a home-styled coffee table is a must-have for contemporary living. Usually, homeowners place little floral vases on coffee tables that are at the center of living rooms. Apart from placing cups of hot beverages on coffee tables, they could serve as support for your feet. While sitting on the living room sofa, your guests can also place their drinks on the chest-style coffee table. Regardless of your furniture arrangement, the coffee table can either be a good fit for covering the space at the center of your living room or between chairs. Regardless of your choice of carpets, be it vorwerk, furry, patterned or simplistic design, a coffee table compliments to it and creates a different feel for the room coupled with comfort. Additionally, coffee tables with built-in storage compartments can hold magazines and newspaper.

You’ll need a Nightstand

The nightstand is often referred to as bedside cabinet; even with twin bed furniture, it stays at the middle. With built-in nightstands to hold a book, it’s easy to read on the bed before falling asleep every day. The nightstand is a bedroom décor that can also accommodate your alarm clock, mobile phone, or a cup of water. This sheds a beautiful light onto your interior wall finishes that can give an entirely different vibe to your room. 

The Dining Table and Chairs

Dining tables with and chairs are very practical pieces of furniture because they provide comfort. While eating, homeowners, their family members, and guests can use a small dining area comfortably. This set of dining furniture can also serve as working areas for homeowners. Having simple long chairs next your laminam finish kitchen table tops can also be another effective way to add an elegance or creative touch to your home. 

Mirrors with Wooden Frames Are Important

One furniture essential that can fit onto any wall space of your home is a mirror. Apart from using them to dress up and check your style, full-length mirrors often make a small living space appear bigger. Also, you can hang mirrors at strategic parts of your home to boost the reflection of light. Normally, big mirrors with wooden frames are decor ideas that give the home a natural appeal.

A quick guide to Melbourne street art.


Much of the inner city’s goodness is hidden Inside the Melbourne Laneways: secret coffee shops, rooftop bars, soup kitchens, boutique stores and obviously, world-class road art. If you are in Melbourne and haven’t taken a selfie in the local street art at two of the most popular Melbourne graffiti hot spots — Hosier Lane or DeGraves Street you still have a lot to cover. However, the thing about Melbourne is, the town is all about identity and creativity.


Melbourne’s ‘secret’ hot spots are infinite and fresh and funky Places are popping up throughout the CBD every month. What exactly does that mean? Melbourne is the best town to pack your camera, strap your feet into a comfy walking shoes and get lost! So, get your ‘Melbourne’ on and check out these five lesser-known graffiti artwork laneways…


Caledonian Lane

This small (and we mean little) laneway is only 4m wide and Runs between Little Bourke and Lonsdale Street. It can be said that Caledonian lane is the birthplace for internationally acclaimed music festival and once was home to the famous laneway drinking holes. Even though the graffiti artwork along Caledonian Lane might not be as daring and substantial as Hosier and DeGraves, you may grab the unique masterpiece here and there. Because the tiny laneway still oozes a feeling of Melbourne’s love for all things artistic and underground.


ACDC lane & Duckboard Place

It has been home to some of the favourite drinking holes; it is named after the Aussie Rock Gods ACDC. The road is off Flinders lane and along the rear entrance to a number of Restaurants and Pubs. The tall brick walls play background to old posters and advertisements and a number of graffiti pieces well worth a look. It is not as ‘lively’ as other popular laneways in Melbourne, ACDC Lane has rather an eerie and abandoned feel to it adding to the feeling of secrecy which Melbourne is so renown for. Continue walking across ACDC Lane, and you will head towards Duckboard Place – another place to get some cool Instagram clicks!

Johnson Street – Fitzroy

Start your walk on the corner of Johnston Street and Fitzroy Street to gaze at the brilliant piece from the AWOL, a dream team of Slicer, Li-Hill, Lucy Lucy and others. Have a pleasant walk through Fitzroy street and peep behind every nook and cranny because there is always something to see.

Rose Street – Fitzroy

Stroll towards the Rose Street celebrity markets and Lune Croissanterie; it is Fitzroy’s casual home to art, design and emerging talent. The street has everything starting from tiny stencils to towering murals.

Cubitt Street – Cremorne

This may be the most iconic wall art that you might come across. In greying office buildings and cottage-style homes, you can see a painting of butt-naked Kanye West in bed with Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. This is a must-hit in your artwork list. Obviously.

Easey’s – Collingwood

This might be the most hipster joint in Melbourne, along with renovated trams and graffiti-filled gardens, Easey’s is home to a five-story painting of Beyoncé in all her pregnant, flowery glory.

Hosier Lane – CBD

Hosier Lane is known for its ever-changing exhibition of Melbourne’s greatest street art. House to the iconic unnamed Native boy by Adnate; this arresting, towering, 23-metre tall mural (very) intentionally overlooks Birrarung Marr.